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As a result of Governmnt recommendations to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus all future classes, lectures and the Annual Exhibition have been cancelled

Outings using own transport are under consideration

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To encourage members to keep painting
the following recent sketches have been provided by members of the
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Marie-Alice Harel - March 11th 2020

Poster choices
1st Choice by Donald   2nd Choice by Susan


AGM - 26th Feb 2020

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Jonathan Gibbs - 29th January 2020

Jaya Ogilvie - January 15th

Exhibition Flyer - First choice
by Donald Mallick

Exhibition Flyer - Second choice
by Hazel Whittley

Social Evening - Wednesday 8th Jan

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David Forster - Talk/Demo - 11th Dec 2019

Olivia Irvine - 28th Nov 2019

November 13th - Philip Archer

Joanne Soroka - 30th Oct 2019

16th Oct
R W Forsyth's Globe - Roger Emmerson





















































































































It is with great sadness that we record the death of

Evi Carmichael

one of our longest serving members
Evi joined the club in 1970 and seldom missed any of the club's outings, lectures or social events She was a prolific and very accomplished painter who had no difficulty in selling every painting she exhibited

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." 

Tributes from Susan, Laurene, Lorna & Rosie


Written tributes contributed by members feature in the current Newsletter
In December 2005, the Newsletter featured Evi's profile. To read this

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To read Evi's remarkable account of leaving Estonia

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I'm contacting art clubs to let them know about a project of free demonstration videos by myself and an artist friend - who many of you know - Aine Divine entitled 14 Days of Art & Creativity. Whilst many are in isolation we wanted to share our ideas for inspiration with short daily video prompts - one for children, one for adults.

Here is the trailer:  


If you go to YouTube and search Damian Callan or Aine Divine the videos will come up

If you would like to receive daily videos  please send an email with '14 Days' in the subject box to: &

Edinburgh Drawing School

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Thank you for your patience as we figure out a way through this difficult time. We are so grateful for the amazing and supportive emails which have already come in from students, and we are reminded how much of a fine and enthusiastic community we have here at The Edinburgh Drawing School.

 We're all in this together and finding our feet collectively, and we're all navigating this crash course in imposed 'agile working'! Tutors are finding new ways of delivering their classes and teaching using various online platforms, so Spring Term II will become a small offering of carefully curated/merged courses, suitable for delivering online, hosted by a selection of your favourite tutors.

 We will be allowing a fair degree of flexibility for each tutor to find their own best practice and way of working with you, a combination of webinar discussions, artist video demonstrations, group critiques on Zoom or similar, and one-to-one feedback sessions via both email and/or video calls.

 The condensed offering of Spring Term II courses will cover a wide range of subjects, so if it's not the exact course you have signed up for, then it will be a good approximation of it, and of course there will still be children's courses in there too.

ONLINE COURSES | Spring Term II 2020

Drawing in Seclusion with CÚcile Simonis

Developing Individual Drawing & Painting Projects with Anna Wimbledon

Watercolour Landscapes with David Forster RSW

Comic Books & Graphic Novels with CÚcile Simonis

Abstract Painting with Graeme Swanson

Art & Life: Drawing from a Still Life with Helen Jackson

Kids Drawing (8 - 14 Years) with Jaya Ogilvie

Teenagers Drawing with Helen Jackson.

Holyrood Art Club
Annual Exhibition - 2019

At the end of the Exhibition
 61 paintings
had been sold from the
230 hung

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Phone: 07852 951 592

  Creative Getaways 

Friendly Painting Holidays in Spain and Turkey

Academy of Realistic Arts

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Musselburgh Art Club Musselburgh Art Club

Interested in painting ?

why not come along and join us at the Art Club

47c Bridge Street


If interested please contact:

M. Henderson - 01316694657 or

K Taylor - 01316631185

New Members Welcome

Liberton Kirk Art Group

The group meets on Monday mornings , 9.30 -12.30 , September to April for freestyle art work, usually painting or drawing, in large well-lit hall.

Good parking and buses, new members welcome, please contact :

Camilla Cowie : 0131 667 8238 for further information .