The HAC Video Library

The Video Library has been in operation since October 2000 and consists of a collection of (currently) 59 "art related"  DVDs

Many of these have been loaned or donated by members and new DVDs are always welcome

The "Library" is available on most lecture nights,

If it is not available when you wish to return a DVD please do not just leave it on the nearest chair….


The rules for borrowers are simple;

There is no charge !
Loans are restricted to one DVD at a time.
DVDs should be returned within two weeks if possible and certainly within a month.
If necessary, longer loans may be arranged
There is no charge for late returns(at the monment….)
To borrow a DVD simply fill in the next line on the register page with;
1) The HAC Ref No of the DVD - this can be found written in black ink on the case and on the label of the disk itself
2) Your name
3) Your phone number
4) Todays date - ie the date you are borrowing the DVD from

When you return the DVD you must complete the "Date Back" column on the register with the date you are returning it.



D1 Acrylics the easy way - Terry Harrison D30 Painting with Acrylics - Arnold Lowrey
D2 Water mixable oils - Michael Saunders D31 Paiting outside the Lines - Linda Kemp
D3 Capturing the seasons in oils - Tim Deibler D32 Drawing Problems and Solutions - Trudy Friend
D4 Water soluable Pencils & other Aquarelle Media D33 Creative Watercolour - Wendy Jelbert
D5 Drawing & Painting People - John Rainrs D34 Seascapes in Watercolour - E John Robinson
D6 Lets Paint in Pastels - Margaret Evans D35 The Watercolourist's Guide to painting Buildings - Richard Taylor
D7 Pastel Workshops - Jackie Simmons D36 Line & Wash - Wendy Jelbert
D8 Flowers for all Seasons - Sue Ellen Wilder D37 Mood & Atmosphere in Oils - Carolyn Lewis
D9 A Slash off Colour - Hazel Sloan D38 Oils for Everyone - Michael Sanders
D10 Light & Texture in Watercolour - James Toogood D39 Sea & Sky in Oils - Roy Lang
D11 The Watercolorists Year - Richard Taylor D40 The Art of Oil Painting - Charles Evans
D12 Beyond Realism - Richard Ryder D41 Colour & Light in Watercolour - J. Haines
D13 Vibrant Watercolours - Hazel Sloan D42 Capturing Light in Acrylics - John Hammond
D14 Water Painting Techniques - Gordon MacKenzie D43 Painting from Photographs - Margaret Evans
D15 Pastels - Ken Jackson D44 Capturing the Moment in Oils D. Curtis
D16 Perfect Portraits - Carole Massey D45 Painting Oil Portraits in Warm Light - Chris Saper
D17 Painting Nature in Pen & Ink/Watercolour C. Nice D46 Painting the light in Oils - P. Williams
D18 Watercolour Secrets - Charles Reid D47 Drawing the Clothed Figure - Joy Thomas
D19 Taking Risks with Watercolour - Shirley Trevera D48 Figurative Watercolours - Charles Reid
D20 Drawing Workshop - Jill Bays D49 Acrylic Landscapes in a Weekend - Keith Fenwick
D21 Oils for the Beginner - Alwyn Crawshaw D50 Light & Mood in Watercolor -D. Curtis
D22 Watercolour Flower Portraits - Billy Showell D51 Watercolour Introduction - Bring Life and Light to your Paintings
D23 Painting Water - Bill Dowden D52 Hazel Soan Watercolour Weekend DVD
D24 Painting Nature in Pen & Ink/Watercolour C. Nice D53

Wendy's Top Tips for Acrylic Artists DVD with Wendy Jelbert

D25 Natural Watercolours - Richard Taylor D54

Line & Wash DVD with Wendy Jelbert

D26 Draw/Paint Wildlife with Pastel Pencils - Colin Bradley D55

Starting Out in Oils with James Willis DVD

D27 Botanical Illustration Watercolour - Siriol Sherlock D56

Dynamic Acrylics by Soraya French

D28 Taking risks withPastels - John Tookey D57

Oil Landscapes- Quick & Easy by Brian Ryder

D29 What shall I paint - Hazel Soan D58

My World of Watercolour by Shirley Trevena

D59 Watercolour Portraits by Aine Divine
D60 Watercolour Problems & Solutions - Trudy Friend
D61 Experimental Landscapes in W/C Ann Blockley