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In March 2020, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole country was placed in lockdown.
The Lockdown rules were such that all Club activities (Lectures, Exhibitions etc.) had to cease
The Club continued to operate albeit at a reduced level using Facebook, and WhatsApp to keep members in touch and allow them to view each other's efforts. Donald Gollan organised the Facebook activities which included a Monthly "Challenge"
These activities were well supported by members and resulted in over 300 paintings/sketches being displayed on the internet
Council meetings continued using Zoom.

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Pat Pursar Evi Carmichael

In December 2005, the Newsletter featured Evi's profile. To read this click here  To read Evi's remarkable account of leaving Estonia
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16th Oct
R W Forsyth's Globe - Roger Emmerson
Joanne Soroka - 30th Oct 2019        November 13th - Philip Archer

Social Evening - Wednesday 8th Jan

Olivia Irvine - 28th Nov 2019 David Forster - Talk/Demo - 11th Dec 2019
For more snaps of the social evening
Jaya Ogilvie - January 15th
Crit night and Flyer selection
Jonathan Gibbs - 29th January 2020 Marie-Alice Harel - March 11th 2020
Crit night and Poster selection
As a result of the Covid-19 lockdown the Club's Annual Exhibition had to be cancelled
However, Crit Nights had been held at which paintings submitted by members had been chosen to become the Flyers and Posters advertising the Exhibition
  Poster 1st choice - by Donald Gollan Poster 2nd choice - by Susan Duncan
Exhibition Flyer - First choice by Donald Mallick Exhibition Flyer - Second choice
by Hazel Whittley

AGM - 26th Feb 2020

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